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Michele Longo O’Donnell is the senior minister and spiritual counselor of El Shaddai Life Ministries.


In 1965 Michele became a registered nurse and went on to complete two years of post undergraduate work at Case Western University in Cleveland, Ohio. There she devoted several years to the pediatric intensive care, emergency room and coronary care units. She has since surrendered her nursing license to devote herself to this full-time ministry.


In 1970 her second daughter was born premature with respiratory and cardiac complications. Due to oxygen deprivation she incurred, her mental status was compromised, and she was diagnosed with severe mental retardation. That situation led Michele to study the Bible, as well as the healing works of Jesus and to find her place in it all. She began to experience many spontaneous healings during those first years, but of greatest impact was the healing of her daughter who is now married, a mother of two lovely children, a former assistant Attorney General of Texas and today an attorney in private practice.


Subsequently, Michele attended a three year Bible college and was later ordained a pastor in a non-denominational church. During this time her quest for spiritual understanding led to many deep and wonderful experiences. In 1973 Michele moved to San Antonio, Texas. A combination of life experiences and the increased knowledge of spiritual healing caused her to make a radical shift from Western medicine to one of a more holistic approach. She saw clearly that we are a whole being; body, mind and spirit, and that each must be addressed if we are to experience balance, harmony and wholeness in our lives. In 1975 she began a center which combines spiritual and emotional support along with the physical and metabolic support. During the past 38 years Michele has recognized that there are Spiritual Principles of Life, that when understood and practiced, result in increased strength and well-being, no matter what the present challenge or past circumstances may be.


In 1999, Michele wrote her first book, “Of Monkeys & Dragons: Freedom From The Tyranny of Disease,” outlining these life principles. She shared her experiences with the hope that readers everywhere might understand the possibility of living without disease.


Due to the public’s response to this book and a desire for a more in-depth explanation of these principles, in 2005 Michele wrote a second book, “The God That We’ve Created, the Basic Cause of All Disease.” This writing explains her belief that we were never intended by our Creator to live with pain, misery and tears. Further it states that disease and suffering is a learned experience and therefore can be un-learned.


In late 2007, Michele finished her third book, “When the Wolf is at the Door, The Simplicity of Healing”. “When the Wolf is at the Door” is a “how-to” book for anyone wanting to regain health and wholeness and live it on a constant basis. It emphasizes how to free yourself from dis-ease, whether that dis-ease is physical, emotional, relational, financial or other. It is an instruction manual for living in freedom.


During her travels speaking to various groups within the USA and abroad, Michele began to see a pattern. Those embracing traditional thought and doctrines did not understand the true nature and purposes of God, as well as their own God-given power and ability, while the group considered more new thought did not know how to apply this understanding to daily living. The desire to bring the best of both worlds together and preserve the truths each have, as well as the desire to see us all live and understand to our highest potential is what motivated her to write her fourth book, “Only Receive,” in 2010. In the past few years she has written two more powerful teachings, “Jacob’s Ladder” and “How Then Shall I Live.”
“Arise, Shine, For Your Time Has Come” are daily inspirational writings compiled from Michele’s best teachings over the past decade, and to date we have three volumes. You will want them all.


Today, Michele O’Donnell is in demand internationally as an inspirational speaker. She is the host of a regular radio show called LIVING BEYOND DISEASE, heard throughout the USA, Eastern Canada, and worldwide on Internet radio. In addition, Michele has an annual retreat in the beautiful Texas Hill Country every February.

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