El Shaddai Life Ministries


We are a ministry dedicated to Jesus’ command to “Heal the sick.” We understand that disease, indeed any human suffering, is contrary to the character and intention of God, our Creator. We also understand that we as humans have been “programmed” to accept disease as a normal consequence of life, and by believing this, we become a target indeed! Our mission is to introduce the “principles of life, of healing,” that Jesus presented to us. And to teach how to apply those principles in our daily lives.


We believe that disease is a “learned experience” and, as such, it can be unlearned! To truly reject disease we must learn the true and Eternal Nature of He who made us “in his image” and for his purpose. Once that is understood, we will realize upon what basis we can, and are instructed to, deny the power of disease. We must also come to understand how we ended up in this dreadful prison of thought. A permanent solution must be found, or we will go from one disease to another all our lives.


“EL SHADDAI”, the very appropriate name for this ministry, is a Hebrew, feminine gender name for God which means “Many Breasted God.” Or in other words, One who supplies for us all the love, protection, spiritual nourishment, compassion, that we all need for basic survival.


We are a strong Christian faith following the teachings, the example, and the Eternal Covenant secured to us by Jesus Christ. Although our understanding often diverges from the long held traditional church doctrines, we are strongly Biblical in our foundation.


We offer weekly meetings. We have many books which will support the teachings and enable folks to embrace a truly wonderful understanding… which, when purposefully followed, will produce healthy and wholesome changes in one’s life. We also offer retreats, teaching series on CDs, as well as personal counseling for those who desire this service. To inquire more about the spiritual aspect of healing, please go to the contact us page and email us, or call 830-755-8767.

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