How Holistic Health Care Center Began…


Prior to my three years in Bible school I spent most of my nursing career in Pediatric ICU…medical and surgical emergencies of the newborn. It was my life. I fully intended to return to this after I completed my time at the school. But a strange thing happened. I began to have a repeated dream, three times over the period of the three years. In the dream I was sitting behind a very large desk in what felt to be my office. People were streaming in, some in wheelchairs, some on stretchers, some carried, some dragged…all of them very ill. Each one left on their feet, walking, running, all very healthy and happy and obviously healed. Then I would wake up.


I wondered about it. Nurses don’t have offices, at least not Pediatric ICU nurses. And then, what did I do to make the change? After the third dream I was sure I would not be returning to the hospital setting, but I still had no idea what it all meant.


In 1975 my pastor was introduced to a “metabolic detoxification” program on one of his trips and when he returned he asked if I would learn to do it for those who attended his church. At first, and for months, I refused, believing it to be nonsense. I really wanted no part of it all. But the hospital experiences had become a nightmare. I knew I could never in good conscience continue. So for lack of any better offer, I learned to do the “program.” While the pastor was excited about it, he knew nothing about the workings of it, so basically I taught myself. I prayed to know, to understand what it was all about and to know what each client actually needed. I knew I was not to read or to seek answers from any other source.


Much to my shock the folks immediately began to improve in their health. At first I couldn’t explain it but as time went on and I began to understand the principles of healing, I actually began to expect it to happen. After about one year at the church I moved my office to a duplex and worked out from there for about 12 years or more. Finally I saved enough money to buy three buildings near downtown SA. They were on the auction block and all three went for the price of one! I loved it there. I thought it was the most wonderful blessing I would ever have. Little did I know what was yet in store for us!


After 15 years at that facility a former client purchased for us property in the beautiful hill country outside of Boerne, Texas. It is located on 27 acres with a river running through it, a home already there which we converted into a clinic and then, if that wasn’t enough, built two more buildings for the treatment centers! No one receives a gift like that! It’s been nearly nine years and I’m still reeling from it all.


Even so, the best of all gifts are the restored lives we are witnessing daily. As well as the physical part of the program, this kind of therapy teaches the wisdom and the knowledge of taking care of our bodies… instead of simply giving it pills to mask symptoms. We are able now to have a measure of control over what we do and why.


From the very start I was overwhelmed by the response. Folks began to come from other states, and from other countries. Some from Europe, Japan, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, to name just a few. They came prepared to stay until the job was done. All declaring that they discovered us through prayer, through seeking God for direction as to the way they should deal with the problem. This, of course, encouraged us immensely, and with the strong confidence it produced we were bound to see His wonderful, powerful,hand at work to heal.


Through the years we discovered what we suspected from the start; that healings come from a shift in “expectation” which is quite different from crossing ones fingers and “hoping” or “wanting.” This correction of thought comes from learning different principles of Life. The world lives out from an expectation of suffering and disease. We must learn to live from an expectation of strength, perfection and wholeness.


This, of course, is entirely a work of the Spirit of God deep within each one. Knowing this, we place a strong emphasis on the spiritual development of the folks who come. This is not another religion. It is instead, another way of perceiving Life under the direction of our Creator. We offer weekly meetings, several books, many CD’s, retreats, and counseling. These are available and encouraged, but entirely at the option of the one seeking help.


To date we have 14 employees and we love and appreciate them all. Most have been with us over 12 years. We are a family devoted to each person Divine Love sends to us for help.


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