Living Beyond Disease


Living Beyond Disease was established at the time Michele’s first book, Of Monkeys and Dragons: Freedom From the Tyranny of Disease was published. The various radio programs, TV programs, books, retreats, and seminars are managed through this division of El Shaddai Life Ministries.


The message of Living Beyond Disease is to share the true nature of God and what His desire is for us all. We must rise above being content to just take care of those who are sick, dealing with individual diseases, finding a solution for each one, another pill, another program. New diseases, new names, new descriptions, and new symptoms are always appearing on the horizon. Living Beyond Disease teaches principles that allow us to step away from that path, a path that will never end.


The task is formidable, but we believe in the ever-presence of God, as the Divine Intelligence, Who set the whole scenario in order, and Who continually communicates with us, if we would only learn to listen. That, we believe, is the only place to find the answer to this illegitimate experience called dis-ease. There is a way out of it, and the answer to it is shared through the ministry of Living Beyond Disease.

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