By God’s Nature Only

written on Feb 23, 17 by Michele Longo O'Donnell

You have nothing to do with the flow of God. You cannot generate its flow, you cannot stop it because you have done something wrong or because you are not believing or because you are afraid, or because you are thinking bad things. It is still going to flow, the only problem is you do not get to enjoy it. If you are not turning and looking and drawing from it.
When things get bad the first thought will come from the “accuser of the brethren:” I must have blocked it, I must not be thinking good thoughts, I do not know why I acted that way…But truthfully, it has nothing to do with you. It is like the sunshine, you can go in the house and not feel the effect of it, but the minute you walk back outside, it is still shining. God does not have a reactionary bone in his being. He does not react to you or creation. He responds by His nature ONLY.

“Thou will show me the path of life: in thy presence there is fullness of joy.”
Psalm 16:11

Taken from “Arise, Shine” and Michele’s weekly teachings, both available on this website and by calling 830-755-8767.

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