Right This Moment

thought for the day - Feb 12, 18

The only time we can perceive a lack of anything is when we are looking ahead. The future brings the expectation of newness, but also fear. Realize right this moment you can find goodness if you pull in and think about what is good in your life this very moment. This lets you live in the present and lets you experience a moment of peace, a moment of confidence. It also helps build security for the days ahead. If all my needs are met right now, why would this Presence of unchangeable goodness, the Presence of infinite Love, all that God is, change? Why would that presence not be in the future when I get there? Knowing that only goodness lies a head…People who live that way live out of a sense of wonder, they are always seeing the fulfillment of this, wonderful things are in their path, enabling their way to expand and be blessed.

“Cause me to hear your loving kindness in the morning, for in thee do I trust.” Psalm 143:8

Taken from the teachings of Michele O’Donnell.

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