Things That We Must Come To Understand

thought for the day - Jan 12, 18

There are principles of God, laws, commandments, things that we must come to understand. As we do, our way is made much easier, the path is so much smoother. We run into negative experiences much less frequently than we did when we just stumbled through life without an understanding of these principles.
Psalm 119:19 says, “I am a stranger in the earth. Hide not thy commandments from me.” I have felt that way, not wanting to grope through this very uncomfortable experience called human life without some kind of a road map. God, being God, with infinite intelligence, Wisdom, understanding and knowledge, would certainly have some rules or laws or principles that I could know, and if I kept them, my way would be a lot smoother.
God dwells in a kingdom—a spiritual atmosphere of thought, of Divine characteristics, the unseen world all around us. We use the word kingdom to describe certain principles that we need to understand in order to be comfortable in our relationship with God.

Taken from the writings of Michele O’Donnell.

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