What Is It That I Do Not Know?

thought for the day - Dec 7, 17

One of the greatest prayers is, God, what is it that you know about this situation that I do not know, because if I knew it, I would not be in this situation? Impart to me, Father, what you hold in mind and thought. As soon as I understand it or see it, that situation is going to be cleared.
If I am having trouble seeing another’s wholeness and completeness and the truth of their being and who they are, if I cannot see past the situation and see the fullness and wholeness and the goodness of God, then I need to pull away from the situation and go to God in prayer and say, What is it that I do not see? What is it that maybe I know with my mind but not with my heart? What is it that I might be holding in my heart that would be blocking me from perceiving the truth in this situation?
“Unto you it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God.” Mark 4:11
This writing taken from the works of Michele O’Donnell.

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